There's a tool called "The Great Suspender" on Chrome Extension Store.

I wonder how effective it is, so I conducted some simple tests. Here is the result:



          ●  Google Chrome with 50 Tabs, all freezed by "The Great Suspender".

          ●  Extensions enabled:

                     ○  Google Doc Offline

                     ○  Google Dictionary

                     ○  Session Buddy

                     ○  The Great Suspender

          ●  Memory usage: 600 MB (physical private bytes)


The above screenshot was from Process Explorer, where the columns were: Name, CPU, WS private, WS, PID and so on.

Note that the result was actually quite good, compared to Firefox with only 4 tabs opened:



          ●  Firefox with 4 Tabs opened:

                     ○  The first Tab was Google Search home page.

                     ○  The rest were all freezed by "New Tab Suspender" (which was the most highly rated extension at the time)

          ●  Extension enabled:

                     ○  New Tab Suspender

          ●  Memory usage: 605 MB


The results concluded that:

          ●  either Chrome itself has lesser memory usage than Firefox, which seems unlikely,

          ●  or The Great Suspender was effecient enough to beat New Tab Suspender.

If the latter is the case, then I would be happy to see better tools for Firefox coming out : )


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